These rules are required by the state to be given to you to take home at the time of your child’s enrollment at any daycare facility. Some of you may havè aiready received them. We need to update our files to make sure every child’s file has a signed statement saying you received these forms. Please return tomorrow signed and dated.

1. Our hours are 6 am-6 pm Monday thru Friday.

2. All persons picking up children must have ID. Names must be on parents’ release form or your child will not be released.

3. All meals will be served in a timely manner. Your child will have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks. All children must be present in the center by 9 am to be counted for meals and snacks. We serve full-course meals with vegetables, starch, meat, fruit, and milk daily and a variety of nutritious snacks.

4. Immunization is required for every child at time of enrollment and you will be contacted when there is a need for any additional immunization. Until the update is completed your child cannot attend.

5. A hearing/vision screen test must be done by your doctor. There will be a time that the director will have an outside hearing and vision screening company come to the center· to do this. An extra fee will be charged for parents who would like to have this done.

6. Enrollment rules must be followed at all times and a copy will be given to you. Your signature shows you understand, and the agreement will be placed in your child’s file. If there are any changes or additions to our rules you will be notified in writing in a timely manner.

7. All transportation children must be ready at the time of pickup. During the school year, all students riding the bus must be ready ta come to the bus at 6 am daily, even if we get to your location at 6 am. It is possible we will change the route at any time so that your child will not miss the bus for school. The bus will NOT return a second time to pick up or drop off your child so please be home at the time of drop off. If there is no one home and your child has no place to go and the center is closed for that day your child will be released to the proper authorities until you receive them.

Parent’s Notice

Parenť’s please make sure your packet is filled out completely. Do not leave any blanks. If there are spaces that do not pertain to you please put ‘not applicable’ or ‘N/A’. If there are questions while completing this packet do not hesitate to ask.

Items to return with enrollment packet:
Shot Records
Vision and Hearing Screening
Doctor Physical within one year
Medication Policy

Our staff at this center will not give any medication of any kind to children
enrolled. All medicine must be given at home or away from the center per state rules.

Emergency Handling Policy
Our staff is trained in the best way possible to handle the many needs of our enrolled children. We will first handle all emergencies as needed by giving first aid; contacting the appropriate authorities if needed; contacting parents, parents, writing reports, contacting Licensing, NCI, and other agencies as contracted.

Backpack and Sleeping Bag Notice

Dear Parents,

Every child needs to bring a backpack with a change of clothes, at least 8 diapers, and wipes. Whatever is not used will be sent home with your child. We also request a sleeping bag be provided for your child. This is used during nap time to provide maximum comfort for the children, in assistance to their mats. The sleeping bags will be sent home each Friday so they can be cleaned for the following week.

Thank you,
TFDC Management

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