During Summertime we provide our students 3 months of fun adventure. Our students go to a Field Trip 3 days of the week, other 2 days of the week they stay for fun activities at our center. It is important for kids to keep their bodies and brains moving even when out of school. Either outside of the center or inside we keep the learning and fun adventures going. Students will visit the zoo, museums, parks, skating ring, bowling, main event, and so many more indoor and outdoor places.

Field Trips

Parents should be informed a week before as to where, when and up to what time children will be on the field trip. Parents will be asked to sign an authorization slip for field trips. Child staff ratio will be maintained on field trips following the minimum standard.

Water Activities

During our summer program, students will visit parks with water activities involved, or we would have water activities at our center. We will let parents know if students will need extra clothes in advance.

Water Activities

Parents are welcome to volunteer/Chaperone for a Field trip and must follow childcare center and Childcare licensing’s Policies and procedures. When accompanying us on a Field trip you Parents are too representing Tomorrow’s Future Development Center.

Physical Activities & Screen Time

The children go outside daily for physical activities once or twice a day depending on the weather. Tomorrow’s Future allows Screen Time only once a week for a movie time and/or up to 1 hour daily at group time in the morning and/or evening awaiting final pick up.